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When we have finally learned to fully hate who will ever be able to teach us to love ?

Ramblings On Bob Dylan And Ray Manzerak

May 28, 2013

In this podcast,some thoughts about Bob Dylan, Ray Manzerak, B.J. Shea and Wesley from Wagg Wagga I’m sure you know who B.J. Shea is, and no doubt Wesley from Wagga Wagga. But you don’t know who Bob Dylan is?

Well, in this podcast you will learn some things. We know May24th was Bob Dylan’s birthday. We sadly lost Ray Manzerak to cancer a few days ago. He flew to Germany to seek some type of treatment not available in the United States. Very much what Farrah Fawcett did. In last-ditch efforts to save their lives from one god-forsaken disease, Cancer, Cancer that took my wife and over the years to many of my friends. And it is very likely it will take me and take you.No matter how loudly the researchers, and hospitals, cry for financial help. We insist on drawing penises on Mars for billions of dollars instead of putting money into research. And so people like Ray Manzerak, and Farrah Fawcett, are left with two choices, a quick death, sometimes after a long battle already, or the grasping at straws for a cure in other countries. It may be me next month, it could be you. I hope if someday I’m lying in a hospital bed with IVs hooked up to me and a chemo machine. The TV isn't showing me pictures of the Mars rover drawing penises on Mars.

As for Bob Dylan, he has been a part of my life’s soundtrack since 1961. As he played around Greenwich Village, before it was overrun by yuppies, one favorite spot back then was Gerde’s Folk Village.There will be little more on Dylan as well inside Rambling Harbor.

And as for B.J. Shea and the great audio and written editor Wesley, those mysteries will begin to be unraveled as this podcast and future ones unravel. And as Bob Dylan could have said but didn't, I did, Everyone must unravel.

I have been asked why this podcast is called Rambling Harbor. Two simple answers I live on a Ramble and I Harbor.