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When we have finally learned to fully hate who will ever be able to teach us to love ?


July 21, 2013

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Thirteen days in Boston that has been over 90 degrees. The average is 14 for the entire summer.  This is the Third, official heat wave for this summer.  It seems the extreme heat in many parts of the country is reflecting the mood throughout the country, hot and angry like heat waves reflecting off a straight Texas highway. Bubbling up in front of you, vaporizing into the sky, and then returning, with more heat, more anger, and no answers.  That’s what riots after the Zimmerman Martin verdict is like. A lot of heat and anger that disappears as we recline back into our state of acceptance until some other event sparks the heat again and again and still no answers.

 I have to wonder why we look for answers from TV, radio, newspapers, and overpriced talking heads.  The answers we all know, and they are inside each one of us. And change has been and will be slow. But sitting on our fist leaning back on our thumbs until we have another excuse to become outraged and riot, or spew forth our anger with heads spinning around like the little girl in the exorcist. Will never accomplish anything except more highway vaporizing heat.

And of course in this kind of heat ones thoughts often turn to naked people and sex.

Sex... It’s no secret that sex sells everything and anything. Heidi Klum twitted topless pictures of herself. Kate Upton scantily clad for a motorcycle company. And there is a language-learning company that gets your attention by showing a bodacious babe it a very tight T-shirt.

I do not object to this and in fact, if Heidi and Kate want to put on a show, then I’m happy to be in the audience. However, what does bother me is the manipulative use of skin and sex? If I want to learn a language, I do not need a lovely pair of Cíche making me think of gnéas to get my attention. If I want to buy a motor cycle, I’ll worry about the comhpháirtíochta after I get the ride.

Recently, Justin Timberlake released a new video called “Tunnel Vision” which was banned. But the explicit version can still be ogled on YouTube. Yes, it had topless women dancing in it. Yes, I did go to the video and watch about half of it, strictly for research purposes. And I left wondering what the big deal was. Except for the dancing and the fact that they were topless, there was not much more to be seen than I see while shopping for bananas at my local grocery store on a hot day? Or driving down the beach in the summer is enough to give any 14-year-old boy eye strain. The song is not very good so it’s obvious the distracting young nubile were to try to keep me from noting the song is not very good. But it got a hit on YouTube from me. I probably just caused many more men and women to go looking for the song.

There has to be something very wrong with a society that will not let a 14-year-old see a beautiful woman or man naked in a very artistic way. And after you have seen the video, By the way, you have to prove your age to see it. And it’s not great art in the video, but it is a long, long way from porn.

But this same 14 years old can get into see a large number of movies with a lot of gross and gratuitous violence and in some cases a scantily-clad nubile lady or chiseled male looking really cute as, they either get their heads whacked off or blow someone to heaven. No hidden meaning implied or intended.

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