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When we have finally learned to fully hate who will ever be able to teach us to love ?

The Overload List, Royal Baby, Kanye West. Kick Ass 2

July 27, 2013

Gas prices, royal baby, baseball suspensions, computer hoaxes, social media, phony friends, fake music, cyber war, cyber whore, computer games, games of war, husband and wife war, talking head commentators.
What to write about, what to talk about, too much to think about, welcome to the world Dan, to the world of too much.

 Well, for starters, there's a new documentary coming out called "Blackfish," which shows baby Orcas being taken away from their crying - literally wailing - moms in the open ocean for capture at SeaWorld. It's causing a firestorm between SeaWorld and the documentary makers, more on that some other time,  and little more in the pod-cast it's self. But don’t wait for me, look it up and act now.

Kanye West beat up another photographer, give me a beak Kanye, you want publicity, and you have to have publicity. It's a significant part of what feeds you. If the DJ's ain't saying it, the band ain't playing it, and downloads ain't burning' it, then as the old master Bob Dylan said, “You ain't gonna nowhere” and you knew the deal going in, from whatever age you could think. That age has come right Kanye? You are one in many, many, and many to the second power of people that need of some alone time, especially of course celebrities. I agree. And one in a hand full that finds it necessary to beat someone up because you can’t get your privacy in the middle of an airport.  I think that if you believe strongly enough in any cause, truly believe in that cause, and that it is indisputably, irrevocably best for all human beings, and then with any type of acting skills and delivery you can create a theater of the mind just like the actor, the politician, the writer, the commentator. Yes, the commentator, the professional pontificator of Devin knowledge and devilish dealt doses of delirium that races through populations like a cold New York Egg cream at a soda fountain on a hot August day.

So I got tired of waiting for the Royal little bundle of constant poop machine to arrive. While every media outlet on earth and every professional broadcaster suffering from  verbal masturbation ( getting off on the sound of your voice) made me think this was the greatest event since the second coming. And as far as I know that event has not taken place it. Come on I wish the kid a happy silver spoon, yea he has that.  I do wish a happy healthy life to all involved, but did he change my life? Will he change my life? Not in this life, unless the kid does a reverse, Benjamin Button and is King in a Day? I know?! Give him time.

That list or line above? Yes that one   the top, Way up, third word ‘ Subjects” that started as just the things I thought I might want to talk about here on this parchment paper with quill pen and then the amazing world of cyber space, throw in a few comments or trow out a few. As for what’s in the podcast? Well, as Bob Seger said, “Deadlines and commitments, What to Leave in what to leave out."

So splash ashore with me and will see were these tales will land us…

Oh! And back to the Cause thing and making people believe you if you believe strongly enough in yourself.

As far as the talking heads of forever enlightenment go. I think you shake up all the ideas and possibilities. Throw them on the table jump up and down on them with all the heat and emotion you and your brain can muster. And then, and then, make up your own mind, as best you can, for now, and   go watch the sun set, and rise… again and again. And then, when you know what you truly believe, most of all, truly believe, just like the pontificators, go out and in some way, nonviolently, in spoken word, or song, or on paper or video whatever works for you. Express your beliefs, NOW!  And maybe things will change. And you know what the future king’s birth at least dealt with life created not life destroyed. And at least they didn’t name the kid Monty, Monty Mountbatten-Windsor, still better than North.

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