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When we have finally learned to fully hate who will ever be able to teach us to love ?

Movies, Music, Mirth, and Madness

September 28, 2013

A few weeks ago, I signed up for time and space travel. No doubt you have heard that people are signing you for that trip, but the trip these space shots are signing up for is one way (yes, one way). There is no coming back. Imagine right after liftoff you realize you left the lights on at home. Well, not to worry. It’s obvious no one was home when they signed up for this trip anyway.

A company called Mars One has already received thousands of applications for this one-way trip, and the average estimated travel time for the journey is 260 days. The project is also estimated to cost about $6 billion to send its first crew to the Red Planet and $4 billion for each of the following missions. The group started raising money through its application fees, which ranged from $5 to $75, depending on the applicant's country of origin, and Mars One hopes it will be able to raise funds with a reality TV show tracking the astronaut selection (yes, they are being called Astronauts). I can’t help but wonder what someone like John Glenn thinks of that unless you spell it “Ass-tronauts”). I would watch this program just to see what kind of loose orbits want to do this.

Unlike the many people who signed up to be shot to Mars forever, my returning to earth is highly likely. How do I plan to make this trip? I have rediscovered the magic of movies (who knew there were talkies?) My good friend B.J. Shea put me up to this (yes, the B.J. some of you know—the big time hot morning jock, at www.kisw.com).
B.J. knew that for many good reasons I had become more of a hermit than ever and suggested that I get into watching movies again. So I signed up for Adventure. I am going to take Quantum Leaps into other people's lives and in different time periods. I am going to explore the afterlife and the paranormal, ride the fringe, and try to stop a flesh-eating virus. I will also listen to the teaching of Ram Dass and Gandhi and maybe even make friends with a dragon. The movies—what a great thing! I can sit at home and eat popcorn and chocolate-chip cookies and drink milk and go anywhere I want. The media in general makes me so angry I sometimes forget there are those out there creating great things, but I’m on a quest to discover them and their work on both the big and small screen.

One movie you may not have heard of is called “Twenty Feet from Stardom.” It’s a documentary about the great and talented people who are backup singers. I haven’t seen it yet. It’s not a blockbuster, and it was in and out of town before I could get to the theatre, but I am on the trail. There are also some TV shows that I am looking forward to seeing. One stars Michael J. Fox, and another, Robin Williams (yes, Robin Williams is back on TV).

So I’m off, and what a great way to travel, lost in the space-time continuum, suspending logic and going, if I may say so, boldly into the realms of possibility. In the podcast, I’m going to ramble on about these and other matters of music, mirth, and madness, so come on ashore.