Rock and Wobble.


I’m having happy issues. It’s not that I’m unhappy, it’s just that I’m not happy. I have many moments of downright giddiness, as a good friend said recently when I kidded her about drifting off into a late ‘60s or early ‘70s song, waving her hand at the sky for no apparent reason, not even drugs. She replied “she was having a bit of a wobble." I have been known to wobble with the best of them.

This week, however, and actually for most of this month, my wobble has been a bit weak.

Now I am sure if you are still reading this you are curious about why my wobble is off its axis. After all, I have checked out some great movies and added them as well as some TV shows to my list of must- see entertainment, and I have begun, in earnest, to write a book I have flirted with for at least 10 years.

 In order to accomplish this viewing agenda Chloe Cat and I have stocked up on food and hung an “Away until May” sign on the door and are pretty much ready to become the media moguls of Rambling Harbor, observer class. Of course, most of Rambling Harbor is preparing to batten down the hatches and wait for the Montreal Express to descend. Already the leaves are leaving, and the steel gray of the North Atlantic grows darker and colder each day. So what to do? Watch movies and TV. Write blogs and talk and hope the wind chill doesn’t freeze the will.

Now, back to my wacky wobble.  I find it hard to be happy right now, as push comes to shove with the government shut-down, the health care debate rages on and on, people die every day from cancer and other disease, and we send men and women to foreign countries to die—and at what ridiculous financial cost. We seem hell-bent for destruction. If we can’t kill ourselves off with poor health care, we will do it with war.

I wanted to write about happy stuff to make us all wobble wildly, but I can’t get my mind to stop thinking about the state of the world.  So now I think I’ll go relax with a calming movie—have you seen “Air Force One”?

Next week I’ll try to ratchet up the wobble and maybe debut a new dance: A combination of Twerking and Wobbling called the “Twerkwobble.”

Meanwhile, inside the podcast, we are going to Rock and Wobble.  Give a listen!