Netflix, which I have had for a few months, is full of movies both theatrical and TV, dealing with the supernatural, the paranormal, demons, ghouls, and other forms of terrifying, blood-sucking, stomach-churning, eye-popping things-that-go-bump-in-the-night. There are also movies that instill fear regardless of the time of day, such as Jaws, featuring sunny days and the beach but condemning the viewer to fear going into the water.  Now a TV movie has brought the water to us in Sharknado, portraying L.A. swamped by the ocean as sharks swim down Hollywood Boulevard (and incidentally show no interest in the Brown Derby restaurant where all the Hollywood sharks use to dine).

Possession shown in movies such as these is just one kind of possession.  House possession is another kind. The S.P.I.R.I.T.S of New England is an organization that investigates places believed to be haunted, and a friend of mine involved in the organization and her team were privileged be to allowed to spend two nights in one of those places, the USS Constitution. What she saw and heard confirmed that our life force lives on.

Another type of possession is portrayed in classics such as The Exorcist, featuring the girl with the spinning head, and The Shining, with Jack Nicholson’s famous line “Heeere’s Johnny,” which he added to the script.

I love this stuff, but I don’t go for a lot of violence. I do not need to see a body split in half before my mostly covered eyes. Scare my mind with the possibility of reality, though, and you’ve got me. I believe a series like Sleepy Hollow is more a possibility, if you can get past the headless part, which seems a bit farfetched to me. The point is I do believe in spirits and that some people may be actually possessed. (Perhaps Ted Cruz has been overtaken by Dr. Seuss?)

But back to why I called this piece “Possession Obsession.” So many movies and TV shows revolve around the occult and spirits, witchcraft, and on and on. Is it because all of us, myself included, are searching for something we can’t explain, something that goes way beyond what we see as reality, something that no one can explain but seeing it makes it real? I think we are obsessed with the desire to find that other place. If we can’t go to the source of the mystery, we will let the magic of the movies and TV bring the mystery to us, and after watching a good movie or show, think, wow, that really could happen.

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