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When we have finally learned to fully hate who will ever be able to teach us to love ?

Homegrown Hearts

December 8, 2013

I remember talking to my dad back in the 1950s—yes, I have seen at least that many moons—about the planets, the stars, and things to come. He told me that someday people would walk down the street talking on phones that transmitted through the air with no wires. Now it’s hard to walk down a sidewalk without the danger of colliding with a drone head walking straight at you while searching his or her handheld communicator. And Dad said cars would fly, and now some can, you know? The problem is there’s no place to park. Once you’re up there, you’re like Major Tom, floating in your tin can, high above the world. And my dad said people would travel through space and walk on other planets. You see my dad was a geek of his generation, although that was lost on me then. I just wanted some of the happy juice he was having.

And get this: Amazon is testing drones to deliver packages up to 5 pounds—86% of its business—within 30 minutes of an order. (I guess delivery drones don’t have propellers, but I’ll bet a missed landing could still create bustle in your hedge row.)

How about vital organs? They can now be grown in labs—lungs, livers, even a beating heart. (My first wife could have used one of those, but I digress.) Someday you’ll go to the doctor with heart problems, and he or she will call the parts place and say, “This is Dr. Glans. Please send over a new four-valve heart, size medium, and toss in that new improved 201 Aortic valve while you’re at it.” Then the doctor will look at you and say, “We’ll have to put you on the lift, but you’ll be up and running again by this afternoon.”

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