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When we have finally learned to fully hate who will ever be able to teach us to love ?

Radio, Music, and Sports

February 16, 2014


I’ve been sitting and thinking and browsing the Internet, trying to decide what to write about this week. What has inspired me to anger, laughter, sadness, or happiness? I’m not a winter Olympics fan, though I am amazed by ski and snowboard jumping. The other day, the Olympics were on TV at the same time as the Grammys “Salute to the Beatles,” in honor of their 50th anniversary. I watched the first hour of ski jumping and the last hour of the Beatles celebration. I figured the first hour or so of the celebration would be a history lesson I already knew, but when I turned to the Beatles party, I was totally blown away by 71-year-old Paul McCartney, who is still on fire with his voice, his attitude, and his performance. I don’t know how you feel, but I think Paul still has it and maybe in some mystical way is better than ever.

 After that, I decided to drop in on my friends at KISW, “The Rock of Seattle,” and read a few blogs over there. Steve, the producer I'm just getting to know, goes by the letters STP, AKA Steve the Producer (not to be confused with STP, an additive for racing cars) and has great blogs all the time. And then there’s my buddy BJ Shea. BJ and I go back to when he was a kid trying to break into comic book stores.

 One of the great survival tactics radio people have is if they screw up in one state they can just move to another one and change their name. I know people who have moved so many times they are waiting for a new state so they can move again. BJ has moved so often he carries his birth certificate to remind him who he really is, but he’s a brave and good soul who runs my blogs and links my podcast at KISW every Monday. As for me, the greatest greeting I ever got—and from a fellow radio gypsy meeting me for the first time—was, “Dan Sanders. My god, you’ve been around forever.”

There is more on radio, music, sports, and whatever else pops into and out of the dark dusty recesses of my mind on the shores of Rambling Harbor. Give a listen.