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When we have finally learned to fully hate who will ever be able to teach us to love ?

The Frozen Zone

March 9, 2014


I begin by paraphrasing a line from Richard the Third by William Shakespeare, or as my cool friends like to call him, Willie Shake:  Now is the winter of our discomfort, as we shiver and wonder where glorious summer has gone, seemingly never to return. If you look at a map of the United States, excluding Florida and Hawaii, most of our land is pretty much frozen tundra from November through most, if not all, of March. There is a bill in Washington to have trade embargoes against Florida, if they continue to refuse to participate in winter.

In my small piece of land stretching into the icy Atlantic, we began many, many, many long months ago to batten down the root cellars, moor the ships, split wood for the stoves, and prepare to settle in. I’m not altogether sure how my neighbors survive these long cold months, but no doubt there is a reason there are three liquor stores within a ten-minute walk from me.

This winter has truly been trying to the hardest of souls, and I feel sorry for those who have to go out and trudge across the ice through the wind to struggle for the legal tender. Having lived as long as I have has brought many advantages, not the least of which is the ability to cocoon and do my work from home.  But my mind at this point has begun to travel in the most mysterious of ways, looking for the oddest elements of news I can find as an escape from the reality that causes icicles to drip from my windows.

As Rod Serling might have said, “Consider, if you will, some of the headlines from my last few days of exploring: an honor student sues her parents for tuition; Scientist Resurrects Mysterious Ancient Virus; a cute convict is suing a site over her mug shot. I also saw a very believable video of UFOs over the Red Sea in Egypt and have been watching a lot of odd things on Netflix.

By the time we get into the podcast, my mind will have found other things to share. Look! There’s the sign post up ahead: next stop, Rambling Harbor. Come on ashore and give a listen.