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When we have finally learned to fully hate who will ever be able to teach us to love ?

Muscat and Social Media

September 8, 2013

                                                             Muscat and Social Media

The social media--what a fascinating, fun, and informative world! Friends stay connected or find each other again after decades of separation. Suddenly a name appears on a magic screen, and there they are, just across Cyber Street, waving and saying hello, I am so glad you are here.

 There are many, many players in this new world, existing only in the minds of those who sit in front of a screen looking into a city or at small farmhouses in the middle of North Dakota or Nebraska.  It’s like reading a book, but quickly you become a character in the story. You drift into it, but in a cyber world, you might be talking to a person you have never met, and the story begins to develop around where they live, what they look like, and how their seasons and the weather change their lives.  I can see the Kansas or Iowa cornfields they live near or the Louisiana Gulf Coast that explodes in rage with its hurricanes. I can see winds of New England and its cold and angry oceans in winter, restlessly battering the shores, all aided by the magic of this new world. It is truly space travel, and I can go wherever I want.

What about Muscat? Have you heard the name? As a blogger and podcaster I have programs through AdSense and my podcast host or blog host, so I can tell where my hits are coming from, who is tuning in listening and reading. Today one report read New York, Seattle, Boston, Muscat… Muscat? The first thing I thought of was the song “Muskrat Love,” but this is Muscat, not Muskrat. Muscat is a grape, harvested through the middle east and used to make one of the famous (or infamous?) wines of times gone by, Muscatel. But where is Muscat, the place in my report, and how did I get there?

I got there through the magic of time and space travel. I got there through my magic cyber machine. How fascinating that someone in a region as volatile as this one, surrounded by Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Pakistan, stumbled across my blogs and podcast and stayed awhile, as I see in the length-of-visit report.  I wonder if they tried to picture what my life or the place I live in is like. I tried doing that with them, but I have no idea what living in that real town of Muscat is like. However, in some way I am connected there, and that’s really cool.

I knock the media a lot, especially talking-heads, newsy types. I have spent about 50 years, in one way or another, rattling around in the halls of media, and have a lot of ambivalent feelings about it. It felt good to discover some good things about it now.

Now I’m off to jump on 2013 cyber zoom and take a ride through space to see what I can find. Oh! And if this finds you, say hello.